Monday, May 5, 2008

miley cyrus

somehow i had no idea miley cyrus was billy ray cyrus's daughter. comencement of laughter. anyway, this photo bit is pretty trivial and it blows my mind that it gets as much airtime as it does. the girl was posing for vanity fair. its not like a paris hiltonesque sex video. and i hate these people that keep calling her a child. she's fifteen. young yes, but the photos were not pornographic and not at all indicative of a drew berrymore child run amok. it will be amazing if she comes out of this as a well balanced adult but such is child stardom. the amount of play does bother me though, not for any reasons concerning her welfare, but they make me wonder about our profit driven media. there used to be a real divide between news and tabloidism. but if a networks perogative is to make money money money then any outlet suitable for drama. "CHILD star miley cyrus has been taken advantage of. on a lighter note our economy is in the toilet, and the war in iraq is going eeehhh so so."

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