Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Media Artifact

So, it turns out I am taking this class again.  This weeks  blog will be short and sweet as I already know what to expect from the class and my professor knows why I am taking it.

My artifact for this semester will be the Halo series.  More specifically the Halo 3 release.

The three questions I hope to answer:

A.  What does the Advertising of Halo 3 say about the way Microsoft views its audience and the way the gamers view themselves?  In fact, the real question is how does Microsoft believe the gamers view themselves?  How does narrative of the advertising of the newest release of this series answer this question?

B.  What genre of activity does the consumption and interaction of the game fit into?  Is this a sport?  Is it like a board game?  What genre of entertainment (beyond the obvious it's a video game) does this first person shooter fit?

C.  How does the proliferation of video games (specifically multiplayer) change the way people interact socially?  This is not like some MMO, rather people are in the same physical space yet interacting through a separate medium?

Simple questions  -  hopefully large enough for multi-page papers.